Senior Portrait FAQs

Senior Portrait FAQs

Here are answers to a few of the commonly asked questions by seniors:

1.  Do you offer both indoor and outdoor sessions?

Yes.  Clients can elect to have their portraits taken either in studio or outdoors.  If you purchase the gold session, you can elect to do both.  

2.  Do you have outdoor locations you suggest for photos?

Yes, I have used a number of locations including E.B. Raines Park, Denver City Park, and Rocky Mountain National Park.  I also encourage seniors to pick a favorite spot of theirs for photos.

3.  Can I have my portraits taken at the Denver Botanic Gardens?

Yes, but please be aware that the Gardens now charges a $100 fee which I pass on to my clients.  It is a wonderful place to shoot photos but one which you now have to pay a premium to use.  

4.  Do you offer friend portraits?

Yes.  If both seniors have purchased a session, I will shoot a friend portrait at no extra charge.

5.  When do I have to submit my photo to the yearbook?

This depends on each school.  Most have deadlines around the beginning of October for photographs. Check with your school’s yearbook guidelines.

6.  Is a yearbook photo an extra charge?

No.  A yearbook photo is included with the purchase of any senior portrait session.   A DVD of the images and prints are extra, however.  These are included in all print packages or can be purchased separately from the a la carte menu.

7.  How many outfit changes can I have?

I usually limit outfit changes to 2 for silver sessions (45 mins) and 4  for gold sessions (1.5hrs). I am flexible, however, so just ask ahead of time.  

8.  What should I wear?

Most yearbooks will have restrictions on what is allowable.  Make sure you consult these guidelines before you select your outfits.  Using common sense goes a long way.  My advice is to pick three styles: one for the yearbook, a dressy outfit for mom and dad, and one for just you.  Sometimes, they will be all the same.  Remember, these portraits will likely be one of the lasting memories of your childhood.

9.  Can I have props in the photos such as an instrument or athletic gear?

Yes.  I have no issue with most props but ask ahead of time to be sure.  Remember that your yearbook may restrict props and not allow them in yearbook photos.

10.  Should I hire a makeup artist for the session?

It is entirely up to you.  Digital retouching can mask minor flaws but professionally done makeup adds an extra element I cannot as a photographer.  I think it adds to the fashion experience.

11.  If I do my own makeup, is there anything you recommend?

For indoor sessions, I would recommend a good base.  Studio lights can cause hot spots and reflections.  I would err on the conservative side with makeup.  I caution against the use of heavy eye liners, mascara, and eye shadows.  It can really darken a person’s eyes in photographs.  If in doubt, I would recommend taking some photos before and after the use of this type of makeup.


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