Fashionable Denver Wedding Photography


Wedding photography is often considered to be made up of two types of photographic styles–traditional portraiture and candids.  Everything is shot on location at a church or reception hall.  Couples looking for something different should think about adding a third element of photography to their wedding album-high fashion.  Fashion photography can add a hint of glamor and style to wedding images.  Glamorous wedding images are a great way to make your wedding images unique.  This is your chance to be a model!

Fashion photography can be done either in studio or on location, but studio photography has many inherent advantages.  First, the session is much more relaxed since time is not such a pressing issue.  Second, the photographer can focus on just taking pictures of the bride and groom or wedding party without worrying about inconveniencing guests.   Third, the photographer can control lighting and background more easily than on location.  A studio portrait session is the perfect way to get the wedding portrait you want.  The session can be done at my location or yours.  A good time to do sessions is the day before the wedding before the rehearsal but anytime near the wedding day is doable.

A studio session is part of my diamond package or you can add it to any package as part of the a la carte menu.


Derek Regensburger is a Denver wedding photographer serving the Front Range of Colorado.  If you are looking for fun and fashionable Denver wedding photography that tell the story of your wedding day, call (303) 478-7568 to book an appointment today.