Wedding Photography and Video Fusion

Photography/Video Fusion

I have been hard at work learning the ins and out of videography so I can offer a great new service, a fusion of photography and video.  I will take video of many of the key elements of your wedding and incorporate them into your DVD slideshow.  While this is not a substitute for a full length video of your wedding day, it is a great way to capture some of the more memorable aspects of your wedding such as the vows, toasts, and dances.  Many couples do not want to watch hours of videos but do want to relive some of the highlights of their special day.  I use professional quality video equipment to record the highest quality video of your wedding.  The end result–a DVD slideshow with video clips and photographs.  It will be a keepsake you treasure for a lifetime.

If you are interested in learning more about photography/video fusion or want to book a Denver or Boulder wedding photographer, call 303-487-7586 for more information today.